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Bio-Actives + Gemstone Infusions + Full Flower Hemp Extract

 Each product in the Oeuvre bio-dynamic skincare system is ‘charged’ with our proprietary Œ Complex to support one's own natural bio rhythm and maintain the natural elasticity of the epidermis. This breakthrough entourage of luxuriously clean ingredients is synergistically balanced to activate, energize and protect skin for transformative results every day. The high-performance balance of Œ Complex ingredients constantly adapts to your skin under any condition, allowing for a lusciously hydrated appearance.


The entire Oeuvre Artistry Collection is luxuriously high performing & skin nourishing - using precious Botanical & Bio Active ingredients that flood skin with the healing energies of our proprietary formulas. 

Including: Apricot Kernel Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Sweet Olive Leaf & Flower Extract, Holy Basil Extract, Squalane and Hyaluronic Acid, plus Full Flower Hemp Extract.


We select Gemstones which naturally vibrate at higher frequencies and infuse them with our precious botanicals to enhance skins natural cellular energy so you and your skin feel energized and in balance. Including:

Diamond binds with water molecules thus it moisturizes while improving skin texture. Tourmaline for radiance. Amethyst for its anti-inflammatory properties to calm irritation. Quartz a precious mineral known to aid in oxygenating the skin, Jade Nephrite, coveted since ancient times for it’s revitalizing and brightening properties.


Oeuvre infuses Full Flower Hemp Extract's antioxidant properties to help lessen the visible signs of stressed skin by reducing inflammation and counteracting free-radical damage. Skin dullness, ruddy tone, fine lines and wrinkles are targeted by Full Flower Hemp Extract’s high level of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.



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