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Oeuvre was born out of our co-creator's life-enhancing vision which unites Mother Nature's blossoms, leaves and roots with the crystalline energies of her gemstones and precious minerals.

Oeuvre’s uncompromising founders Annaminh and James shared vision of diligently sourced, ethically and environmentally responsible skincare ingredients has been our lodestar from the start. Every aspect of the process to create our deeply moisturizing and nourishing products is suffused with artistry and beneficial intention. The energetic frequencies of our preparations resonate with the chakra system for an awakening that begins within.

Wellbeing and Science are united in Oeuvre's luxuriously high-performing skincare. Our collaborative team of cosmetic scientists share our founders' rigorous commitment to vegan, cruelty-free skincare formulated without toxins, irritants and unnecessary additives - which is one of the primary reasons our products deliver such exceptional results.

Annaminh's personal experience combining full flower hemp extract with bio-actives to calm psorasis and super-charge her recovery from fitness competitions combined with James insights into the science and alchemy of using high-vibrational gemstones for self care inspired them to develop Oeuvre’s proprietary Bio-Optimized formulations.

The foundation of our system of products is the breakthrough Œ Complex: a Bio-Actives + Gemstone + Full Flower Hemp Extract infused formulation which is synergistically balanced to recalibrate skin’s natural functions, support one's own natural biorhythm and maintain the natural elasticity of the epidermis.

The entire Oeuvre Artistry Collection is high performing & skin nourishing - infused with luxuriously clean, ethically and environmentally responsible ingredients including:

Apricot Kernel Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Sweet Olive Leaf & Flower Extract, Holy Basil Extract, Squalane and Hyaluronic Acid, plus Full Flower Hemp Extract, infused with Amethyst, Tourmaline, Quartz, Jade, Diamond & Gold to help transform everyday routines into revitalizing experiences that nourish both body and soul.  


We value our customer’s personal well-being as much as we value the sacred well-being of our planet. 

We believe in a clean beauty that respects nature and humankind, and prepares a better world for future generations. 

As part of Oeuvre’s commitment to a better world for future generations, we support the National Young Arts Foundation in their mission to help young artists to inspire, transform and heal our communities...

We also are committed to planting a tree for each purchase made through our partnership with One Tree Planted, replacing trees our earth is rapidly losing to wildfires and deforestation. Trees moderate the climate, improve air quality, conserve water, shelter wildlife, save energy and contribute to the sublime beauty of our world.

Oeuvre, pronounced /o͞o-vrah/ is a French word meaning “A Body of Art”.

Art and the many forms of Beauty are intrinsic to our brand DNA.
Art, wellness, science, and technology can’t be separated anymore - we’re in a new era of synesthetic experience.
We invite our guests to a sensory experience of the future, within Oeuvre's unique mix of luxury, self-care, beauty, self-enquiry and art.
Oeuvre elevates skin care to an Artform.




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